"Playgrounds: it brought back the good, the bad and the damn right crazy."
- Binary Finary


"Its like they said in the 60's: if you could remember a thing you weren't really a part of it. Techno took this idea to perfection and Griffin's novel Playgrounds, reflects more than an honest part."
- Thomas P. Heckmann (Drax)


"Playgrounds opened up the floodgate to many memories of my time in the rave scene."
- Triple J's Mixup and The Club presenter, Nicole Foote


"Playgrounds: A Portrait of Rave Culture is the novel rave purists have been looking for. Featuring a multitude of references to Melbourne's dance culture and big name DJs, Griffin has provided an insightful narrative against the backdrop of the late 90's-early 2000 rave scene."
- Inthemix.com.au


"An unusual and even counter cultural novel."
- Margaret Johnson PHD, Director The Book Doctor


"Great head-f*ucking moments."
- Jo Van De Velde, djtracker.com


"A true diary of a raver."
- TranZfusion.net


"Realistic, honest powerful, this hits home. A dimension of clubbing rarely depicted."
- 12am.com.au


"You’ll be hooked… A must read."
- DJ Aaron Roach (Two Tribes, Atmosphere, Advent*jah)